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WINES TASTING SHEETS, RATINGS, WINE PAIRING, ETC… In this section you will find everything related to wines that are produced and sold by Spanish producers, both bottled or in bulk.  And you can access the information of three tasting sheets prepared by our three teams of tasters, having a very objective point of view to decide on the wine before you buy it.


WINERY SHEETS, LOCATION, CONTACT, ETC… In this section you will find everything related to the wineries, contact, location, production, types of grapes etc... The aim is that eventually all the wine producers in Spain are visible in this section making available to all our visitors the maximum information about the wineries.


TO THE SURREALIST WORLD OF WINE SPANISH WINES was founded with the idea of giving an opportunity to all the wine producers of our country, to increase the understanding of their work, their wines and its products in a clear manner, helping the Spanish wine to be valued outside and inside our country as it deserves. Spain is world´s  third largest wine producer of the world and one of the leading exporters of bulk wine. Transporting to countries such as France, Italy, United States,… seems to have made our wines evolve and reach a better quality and a highest rate. The price goes up considerably when it is labelled with labels of these countries wineries. As happens within our own country, due to economy, resources, marketing, etc, there are certain geographic areas or groups of wineries  who are optimally positioned in the markets and they dominate it even selling a bigger amount of wine than they produce.  There are other large production areas in Spain that due to not being positioned , are relegated to sell their wines to these groups or export them to other countries at a very affordable price for the buyer  and then they sell it under their brand name. We will post reports of winerys, cooperatives and other producers. We have designed a new wine tasting system consisting of three tasting by wine: one made by wine experts, other  by celebrities or personalities, and the third by ordinary people, and the tasting sheets  will be posted on the web. Probably , the fact to add two groups of extra tasters  than usual will be not  understood,  but they are actually  our main consumers.   And most of all, any producer will have visibility in our web, it will be free  for both producers and the visitors and users of our website.
HISTORY SPANISH WINES MAGAZIN In 2017 , during a barbecue among friends in Marbella -where the area's ecosystem makes easy  the  relations among people of many classes, fields and nationalities - we were gathered among others an Extremadura wine-producer , several famous, several regular consumers of high quality wines, a wine and Gourmet products distributor and the in-house staff ( gardener,  domestic staff, etc. ) and, after drinking different wines we  checked that it was really little difference on opnions about wines consumed  despite the diversity of people that  were there. On that night it emerged the idea of creating an objective means that portray the reality of the wine and its world, a free media, free of market influences or pressures iof those who make surreal and little accessible  the wine´s world, which dates back to the dawn of time.
“In Vino Veritas - Plinio el Viejo


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GASTRONOMY AND WINE, THE PERFECT PAIRING Gastronomy as well as wines in Spain are of exceptional quality . In this section we will try to inform you of pairings of wine and food, how to combine them and all the secrets to know what to  drink according to what you are eating. Welcome to paradise!


RELATED WITH WINE AND GASTRONOMY In this section we will publish news related to wine, fields, markets, new products, wineries´s reports  and interviews. We will inform you in an impartial manner of the sector evolution  and everything related.


Our scores are the average of three scores of the tastings made by: